What Sexism Actually Looks Like!

Posted in Musings on 27th June 2018


Vicki Sparks made her debut commentating on the men's Portugal vs Morocco football game. Since then our news seems to be filled with "sexist men don't want a female to commentate on the men's game". They may not spell it out as clearly but that is what so many news reports have been saying. Here's one such example as when an opinion is made he get's called a sexist pig: So let's get down to Read More »

Lay Bet Winners Review - The Beginners Guide to Lay Betting

Posted in Reviews on 26th June 2018

Lay Bet Winners Review

I was chatting to the guy who runs Lay Bet Winners and well when I say chat, I mean more a heated discussion. To cut a long story short I was adamant that you can not make a profit from Lay betting only. Whereas he said he does consistently do just that. To shut me up he let me have access to his system for a few days to prove that it works. What is Lay Read More »

Give me 3 minutes and I'll show you how to make £16 before the next World Cup Game.

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 18th June 2018

What I'm going to teach in this guide: How you can make £16+ profit in 5 minutes How you can lay a bet How you can turn this into a long term strategy to make an extra monthly income of £500 or more. So World Cup fever has hit but what better way to enjoy it then putting some extra money into your pocket whilst it is in on. Maybe even pay for your drinks Read More »

The Lazy Students way to Make an Income

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting, Musings on 14th June 2018

Earn money with oddsmonkey

Today I interviewed Sam Hatton. Who up until last month had no idea what matched betting was. He was introduced to this blog from a classmate and ended up having a really good first month. After reaching out to me I decided to have a brief interview with him to see how he did this. Welcome Sam, still a newbie but you have now completed your first 30 days of becoming a matched bettor how Read More »

Escaping the 9 to 5!

Posted in Blog, Musings on 14th June 2018

escaping the 9 to 5

You have probable heard of the fabled Nomad lifestyle. For those who haven't it is the ability to work from anywhere with only a laptop and an internet connection. Making money from your bedroom or a beach. But how realistic is this dream?   Let's dispel some myths! It's easy. Yes it is after you have found your path but at the beginning it is not. A lot of sites hype up the ability to Read More »