Give me 3 minutes and I'll show you how to make £16 before the next World Cup Game.

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 18th June 2018

What I'm going to teach in this guide:

  • How you can make £16+ profit in 5 minutes
  • How you can lay a bet
  • How you can turn this into a long term strategy to make an extra monthly income of £500 or more.

So World Cup fever has hit but what better way to enjoy it then putting some extra money into your pocket whilst it is in on. Maybe even pay for your drinks all night!

So before we begin, you will need a free account at Oddsmonkey to use some of their tools. Don't worry clicking that link will open a new tab so you won't lose this page, so go get it now!

Great so you're back, now to make some money. I'm going to show you how you can make £16+ profit, risk free in 10 minutes. It won't even interrupt your valuable game watching time.

So how we are going to do this is by something called "Matched Betting". I've already explained it on this blog so I won't go into it account, just know it is a risk free way to make some extra money.

First things first, you are going to sign up with Skybet's offer to bet £5 and they will give you £20 free. So head on over to Skybets offer page, sign up and deposit £5.

Placing your first bet risk free.

Now you might have guessed you are going to have to bet £5 for this, with no guaranteed that the bet will come in. So rather than throwing away £5 we do what is called "laying the bet". For now all you need to know is that this means you will not lose any money, no matter the result.

We will do this through Smarkets. So head on over to Smarkets and sign up for a free account with them.

Now that you have done this we are going to place two bets to qualify. So load up the oddsmatcher on Oddsmonkey

What we are going to do now on the Oddsmatcher is limit bookmakers to Skybet and limit exchanges to Smarkets.

The results will then show us the closest matches, we are going to open the closest match which will show us this:

Oddsmatcher showing a qualifying bet

We will then place this bet at Skybet and lay at Smarkets.

Screenshot on how to lay at smarkets

To lay on the Smarkets site, you will find the game shown on the oddsmatcher and tick the box to bet against. This is the box in blue on the right, which shows the odds of 5.1 (the same as on the oddsmatcher). We will then enter the amount given to us on the oddsmatcher, in this case £4.92.

For this bet we would need £20.17 in our Smarkets account to cover the bet.

Once we have placed these bets we will be £0.17 or £0.18 down depending on outcome. This is ok though as we are waiting for our free £20 bet.

Skybet have credited our account with £20

So now we have £20 to play with, but we want to extract that money into our bank account. We do not want to waste it, we want to turn this into a guaranteed income. So we head back over to the Oddsmatcher however this time we also want to filter for back odds over 5:

Back odds over 5 makes sure we will make the most profit

Now that we have done that we can look to see what profit we can make:

£16.72 profit for 10 minutes work

Profit from our free bets

Now using the same method we used for our qualifying bet we will do the same for our second bet. This time we will use the free bet from Skybet and place it on Morocco to win. Then we will lay that bet at Smarkets, the same as we did earlier.

Now we wait for the event to finish and we will end up with an extra £16.72 in our bank account for 10 minutes work.

After doing this, work your way through all of the bets at Oddsmonkey and earn more.