How to Calculate Your Savings Rate!

Posted in Blog, Financial Independence, Musings on 8th July 2020

On top of earning extra to fully Escape the Rat Race you need to invest your money so that you can build up a pot of money you can live off, this is why you need to know how to calculate your savings rate. Therefore this post is going to go down a slightly different path to the usual posts and instead focus on how much money you will need to retire early and how Read More »

How to make £1000 a month!

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting, Musings on 7th July 2020

Pile of Money

The truthful guide on how to make £1000 a month online, including what not to do.

What is No Risk Matched Betting?

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting, Musings on 18th June 2020

So what is “no risk matched betting”. Firstly let me explain what it isn’t. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It not a pyramid scheme, where I ask you to recruit 10 of your friends to push a miracle mixture that I have made in China…oh yea, these have been rebranded Multi Level Marketing. Even with the new name they are still a scammy pyramid. I have a particular hatred for both get Read More »

Is Matched Betting Dead - 2020 update

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 13th September 2018

See it all the time on the forums: Is Matched Betting dead Matched betting is dead! What do I do after the welcome offers How are you guys making £x,000 a month? Why can I only make a few hundred? There aren't any offers a round! It's too hard! The same question is then asked of them every time. So what matched betting offers are you doing so far? The responses will range, some will Read More »

Give me 3 minutes and I'll show you how to make £16 before the next World Cup Game.

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 18th June 2018

What I'm going to teach in this guide: How you can make £16+ profit in 5 minutes How you can lay a bet How you can turn this into a long term strategy to make an extra monthly income of £500 or more. So World Cup fever has hit but what better way to enjoy it then putting some extra money into your pocket whilst it is in on. Maybe even pay for your drinks Read More »

The Lazy Students way to Make an Income

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting, Musings on 14th June 2018

Earn money with oddsmonkey

Today I interviewed Sam Hatton. Who up until last month had no idea what matched betting was. He was introduced to this blog from a classmate and ended up having a really good first month. After reaching out to me I decided to have a brief interview with him to see how he did this. Welcome Sam, still a newbie but you have now completed your first 30 days of becoming a matched bettor how Read More »

Escaping the 9 to 5!

Posted in Blog, Musings on 14th June 2018

escaping the 9 to 5

You have probable heard of the fabled Nomad lifestyle. For those who haven't it is the ability to work from anywhere with only a laptop and an internet connection. Making money from your bedroom or a beach. But how realistic is this dream?   Let's dispel some myths! It's easy. Yes it is after you have found your path but at the beginning it is not. A lot of sites hype up the ability to Read More »

This guy went from school boy who used to skive to play video games and turned it into a full time business! When you see how he does it you will be shocked.

Posted in Blog, Trading on 30th May 2018

Esports trading

Today I caught up with a friend who used to love playing video games, he would even skive to play them. He then turned this into a full time business. I asked him to explain how he does it and he agreed to write a post to share it with everyone, here is the post below: Like most guys my age, I played a tonne of computer games throughout school. I specifically remember faking illness Read More »

How one Mum makes £3000 a month from home! Is matched betting perfect for the stay at home mum?

Posted in Blog, Musings on 29th May 2018

I was linked to a story today written about a woman called Emma Drew. In the article it is claimed part of her overall profit is made from matched betting,  It is claimed in there she makes between £50-80 a day from an hours worth of matched betting. At the bottom end of £50 that is £1500 a month just through matched betting. At £80 that is £2400. This really got me thinking, is matched Read More »

How I increased my profits by not laying my bets! - No Lay Acca Guide

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 23rd May 2018

1000 No Lay Acca Bets

Increasing profits by not laying bets sounds crazy, doesn't it! However mine defiantly increased when I stopped. I also greatly increased my available time. (I will be mostly relating this article to football Accas although it can apply to other events as well) So why do we lay bets? Firstly if it can greatly increase our profits, why do we recommend newbies to lay there bets. The main reason Laying is recommended is that it Read More »