Posted on 24th May 2018

Searching Matched Betting forums the same questions appear a lot, normally from beginners or people starting out who have read how much people are making and want to make the same. I've therefore compiled this list of frequently asked questions to hopefully help you on your way to making a second or full time income matched betting.

This is a work in progress so feel free to ask questions and I will add my answers on.

Where do I start?

If you haven't already read our Matched Betting Guide and then our Where to Begin Guide

Is Matched Betting a Scam? Is This Site a Scam?

No! You can and will make money matched betting if you follow the guides on here and on Oddsmonkey. You will also make many times more than your Oddsmonkey membership fee. The figures I throw a round on this site are true and realistic, you can make them as well. For more information read my Is Matched Betting a Scam Post

What size bank do I need to start?

Minimum requirements are £50. However I personally feel this is too low. I would recommend at least £200 to start with. The bigger your bank the quicker and easier it will be to make more money.

I've done the Sign up offers and have a £1000 in my hand what should I spend it on?

First things first. Do not go and blow that money. Instead open a new bank account and put it in there. You now have a good sized bank to start matched betting with. If you keep this you will make many times more.

I've blown my sign up offer money now what?

Well that was silly. You need a bank, get saving and don't spend the next money you make so quick.

How do I make £xxx or £xxxx or £xx,xxx a month?

Firstly start small and aim for an amount a day. I always recommend aiming for £10 a day as a good starting point as it is very easy and will give a return of £300 a month. Then look to increase this to £20 a day, for a return of £600. Then £30, £40, £50, etc...

What offers should I do to make this money?

This does change, depending on which offers are about at the time. A good place to start, in my opinion; are No Lay Accas, Bet Boosts and High 5/2 Clear. From here I would then add in casino offers and start with low risk ones, then working up to ones with a bigger risk.

What does Gubbed mean?

A gubbing is when a bookie decides to ban you from taking part in offers, reducing the stake you are allowed or banning you completely. Don't worry it happens to us all.