Matched Betting Guide - Risk Free, Tax Free, High Profit.

Posted on 5th May 2018


Firstly let me explain that this is not a get rich quick scheme or a crappy pyramid scheme where I ask you to recruit 10 of your friends to push a miracle mixture that I have made in China.

You also will genuinely able to do this from home, in a coffee shop, on a beach or in the pub…my friends are sick of me posting photos from the pub on Fridays whilst they’re stuck at work. However when I share this guide with them, I expect they will be joining me soon though since I’m sharing my secrets.

So I will stop being cryptic and tell you one of the ways I make a living. It is called Matched Betting!

So what is Matched Betting?

Before you worry and think you’re not a gambler, neither was I until a year ago. I used to maybe put the odd bet on for the grand national once a year and that was it, I’d also never been into a bookie before. This all changed when I bumped into an old friend and went for a catch up drink, the conversation turned to work and he told me that he sits at home betting.

At first I thought he was daft, maybe developed a gambling problem and remortgaged his house to convince himself he was doing ok but no, he explained to me exactly how what he was doing worked.

How does Matched Betting work?

If you are unaware, like I was, there are hundreds of online bookmakers fighting for your business online in the UK and these are all competing with one another to remove the money from your wallet and give it to their shareholders.

However with so much competition about they have had to come up with different ways to get you to use them over one of their competitors and the biggest way they do this is by offering special promotions. Free bets, bet boosts, money back as a free bet if you lose, free spins on the slots, etc.

By using their promotions against them we can guarantee ourselves a profit every time.

How can we guarantee profit from for a free bet?

This is where matched betting comes in. With out going into all the details just yet, I will give an example of how I would make a profit.

Bookie A wants to bring in more custom, so advertises that if I bet £10 with them they will give me £10 as a free bet. I will fire up the oddsmatcher, don’t worry I will show you how to access this soon, then I will select the bookmaker which has the offer on (in this case I’ve chosen Totesport as an example). I will ignore the bets in red and will go to the next one with the highest rating in this case Goodwood Horse racing.


I will then click for more information, which brings up the below dialog box. This shows that by betting and laying this bet I will lose 3p (this is fine as I will still get my free bet). So I head over to Totesport place my bet on Mori to win and then press the “Lay this Bet” button which does all the work for me to lay my bet. All I have to do now is sit back and wait for my free bet to come in my email inbox.

Once I have received my free bet it is time to make a profit for the day, I fire back up the oddsmatcher but this time look for odds over 5. This time I select the “Free Bet (SNR)” option and once I have found a bet which gives me a maximum return I follow the same process as before by going to Totesport to place my bet and pressing the button to lay my bet. From this example I would make £8.37, less my 3p qualifying loss, leaving me a total profit of £8.34 from a total of 5 minutes work.


How much can I really make as a beginner to matched betting?

Now this is the beauty of matched betting, it is like a well paying apprenticeship.  Whilst learning to matched bet, you will have access to all of the sign up offers. This means that you can easily make £1000+ in your first month whilst learning the ropes to matched betting and signing up to a range of bookmakers. A lot of these are really high value for very little work, such as bet £10 receive £30 in free bets, which makes the first month super easy, exciting and fun.

Are there any risks to matched betting, as in will I lose all my money and develop a gambling problem?

Well no there aren’t, unless you make a mistake which is why it is worth doing the sign up offers and starting with the smaller ones first.

The main mistake made would be forgetting to lay a bet which could mean you lose your qualifying bet. However now that the oddsmatcher includes a button to automatically lay your bet this mistake is very easy to avoid doing.

Also there is no catch, there is no mega expensive coaching that I’m trying to sell and to start using the oddsmatcher and completing the sign up offers, all you need to do is to sign up for your free account at Oddsmonkey…

There is a sign up form and a few mouse clicks away from you being £1000 better off this month, so really what are you waiting for,

Join Oddsmonkey now

and thank me later.