Is Matched Betting Dead - 2020 update

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting on 13th September 2018

See it all the time on the forums:

  • Is Matched Betting dead
  • Matched betting is dead!
  • What do I do after the welcome offers
  • How are you guys making £x,000 a month?
  • Why can I only make a few hundred?
  • There aren't any offers a round!
  • It's too hard!

The same question is then asked of them every time. So what matched betting offers are you doing so far?

The responses will range, some will be doing the hot offer that everyone is talking about (High 5 or 2up usually) but are making pennies. They may still be doing the bet X get X offers, nothing wrong with this unless it is the only offers you are doing? Some may even be doing some locked in accas.

Can you see why matched betting is dead for them?

They're scared to take the EV offers, instead only going for the guaranteed profit offers. This is what separates the men from the boys. The high rollers from the losers.

If you only want guaranteed profit then you will only get mediocre results. The big money is going for any offer which has a positive EV (estimated value). Which brings me onto:

Where the big money is at in matched betting! Especially in 2020.

It is sitting in the promotions tab in every casino, games and Vegas section. Spend £X for X free spins or deposit £X and we will give you £X is where it is at.

You see I can have 10 web pages open at once running through 10 different offers whilst you're sat waiting for the next sporting event to come on.

I can do this what ever time of day I want and can have it all done in 2-3 hours. Before you have even finished your morning coffee I've made more money in the casinos than you will make that day in your day job and matched betting combined.

The solution is therefore simple, get yourself into the casino's and do every offer?

Whoa hold your horses there. Not every offer is +EV and some are +EV but to realise that EV you are going to have to do a lot of offers, sometimes more than your bank could take.

So how to get started. To get a feel I recommend starting with doing all of the sign up offers on the Oddsmonkey site (check out our Oddsmonkey Review if you haven't already.)

2020 update - Oddsmonkey now have a new casino section dedicated to maximising casino profits.

From there you need to go onto the forum and visit two threads, these are the Casino Offers - Chat thread and the Casino Offers - No Chat thread. Combined with their daily offer calendar this will give you a good number of offers to hit each day. You will also receive a number of emails and text messages with offers on, so do these as well.

This is the best way to start with the low risk casino offers and a good way to start building your bank for the medium to high risk offers, where even more profit can be realised.

Medium to High Risk casino offers

You see them people making 5 figures a month with matched betting. This is where they are doing it. The high risk offers. As the name suggest these are high risk and you do need a big bank to cover the downswings. If you have a bank big enough head over to Profit Maximiser who are much more set up and specalised with high risk offers.

Is an offer worth doing?

Oddsmonkey and Profit Maximiser both have calculators to show you if an offer is worth doing however they are both lacking. Although they do give a good indication they miss out on vital details; such as bet size, if going two tier, how much bank you have so how safe the bet is to do, how often you should bust out, etc.

This where specialist tools come in. The one I would highly recommend is Bonus Chum who have a highly specalised tool which will run multiple simulations of the game to see what the EV would be.

Armed with a daily offer sheet, email signs and Bonus Chum your profits will take off!