How one Mum makes £3000 a month from home! Is matched betting perfect for the stay at home mum?

Posted in Blog, Musings on 29th May 2018

I was linked to a story today written about a woman called Emma Drew. In the article it is claimed part of her overall profit is made from matched betting, 

It is claimed in there she makes between £50-80 a day from an hours worth of matched betting. At the bottom end of £50 that is £1500 a month just through matched betting. At £80 that is £2400.

This really got me thinking, is matched betting the perfect thing for a stay at home mum, or dad, to do to make an extra income for the family.

So I thought I would start out by listing some pros:

  • Children don't have set patterns for when they will cry, want food, feed toast to the DVD player, etc and been able to do today's offers when ever you have a free 5 minutes will be perfect
  • It can be done from a laptop any where; at home, in a play area, in bed when the children have gone to bed, etc. Perfect to work a round children.
  • Related to the second point, rather than having to run to a job and work childcare round their free nursery time you can sit in Starbucks with a coffee
  • No big start up expenses, a membership to Oddsmonkey and a small bank is all that is needed
  • Tax free income so won't affect any child or family tax credits already received.

Obviously we have to look at the cons as well and the only one I could think of is getting distracted by a child and forgetting to lay the offer, this can be worked round by doing No Lay Accas and other bets which do not require them to be Layed.

So overall it seems like the perfect thing to start if you are a Stay at Home Parent, for more information on how to get started read out Getting Started with Matched Betting Guide