The Lazy Students way to Make an Income

Posted in Blog, Matched Betting, Musings on 14th June 2018

Earn money with oddsmonkey

Today I interviewed Sam Hatton.

Who up until last month had no idea what matched betting was. He was introduced to this blog from a classmate and ended up having a really good first month. After reaching out to me I decided to have a brief interview with him to see how he did this.

Welcome Sam, still a newbie but you have now completed your first 30 days of becoming a matched bettor how did you find it?

"Thanks Tim, yeah its a bit strange to be honest I never thought I'd be given the title of Matched Bettor after just one month! I've heard the phrase before and just assumed that it was something that people with loads of experience and sports knowledge were involved with. I also heard that these people were very exclusive and had access to really expensive software. I'm a student currently doing my Physics degree and am always looking for ways to earn more money on the side. I'm sure that many people at uni will agree with me that having an evening or weekend job is a pain and almost not worth doing because of how little you get paid. Luckily one of my classmates told me about your site and here I am! Uni work is keeping me busy but I've managed to squeeze in about 30 minutes every night (usually an hour at the weekends) and have made just over £800 on the sign up offers. I'm only about 3/4 through them as well. To say this is a huge relief is a massive understatement. Its like free money and it means I don't have to work a part-time job."

Pretty positive then and it always feels good to stop someone falling into becoming an employee. So after your first 30 days, you may have some experience to pass on, if you went back and did it again is there anything you would do differently?

"To be honest (and I know this will sound bad - especially if my parents read this!) if I had to change anything, I would probably go to less lectures during the day! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy Physics lectures but I'm starting to daydream a lot. Why sit here and get myself into student debt in a bid to get a 'good career' when I could be at home and logged into Oddsmonkey placing bets with guaranteed wins. I don't want to encourage people to stop studying but to me its a no brainer. Even if I just spent 2 hours on matched betting every day then I know I could do some real damage."

Can't say I would recommend skipping lectures you are paying for but escaping the rat race is liberating. Now you joined Oddsmonkey straight away, how did you find it?

"The tutorials on Oddsmonkey are really impressive actually. For every offer they have a video tutorial that takes you through the whole process. When it comes to sports betting I would personally find a 'Betting for dummies' book as heavy reading. I really don't have a clue when it comes to talking about odds and knowing which type of bets to place on which event. Oddsmonkey is great because you can start straight away with absolutely zero knowledge and I was very surprised by this."

Great to hear. So it's now onto your second month and hitting reloads how are you finding them?

"Yep I've literally just dipped my toe in the water as far as reloads go. A bit different to the sign up offers but like I said before, the tutorials make it really easy to follow. They basically tell you what bets you need to place as well. So far this week I've done about half of the reload offers which will bring in around £300 profit. New ones pop up all the time as well so even if you do them all, Oddsmonkey will constantly notify you about new ones. I can really start to see potential with this now and I am looking at doing this full time. I think I’d be stupid not to! I'm still 'new and overwhelmed' at this stage though so will keep my feet firmly on the ground!"

Thank you Sam for spending some time today replying to all my questions. Hopefully I can tie you down for another interview next month if you aren't too busy spending your money.

Want to join Sam in becoming a matched bettor and working from home, read our matched betting guide to get started now.