What Sexism Actually Looks Like!

Posted in Musings on 27th June 2018


Vicki Sparks made her debut commentating on the men's Portugal vs Morocco football game. Since then our news seems to be filled with "sexist men don't want a female to commentate on the men's game". They may not spell it out as clearly but that is what so many news reports have been saying.

Here's one such example as when an opinion is made he get's called a sexist pig:

So let's get down to what I feel the real issue is.

Equality of outcome is Wrong!

So many people have a feel that something is not right with the current system. They don't have a problem with women in football. The issue they have is the best people for the job are not being put in the position. Instead what is between your legs has taken precedence.

In the woman's game there was a massive push by the FA to find a female manager over a male. Even if a male manager would be better.

What we are ending up with is people who aren't as good at the job doing the job to tick the box on an equality form.

Most Men Would be Happy with a Good Female Commentator

I'll stand by this. Here's a sample of the commentating:

I'll let you make your own opinion but for me it's terrible. It shows she was put in to tick a box. Not because she was best! In the long run this will hurt equal rights. We seem to be on a path where we are aiming for equality of outcome.

We need to be careful to avoid claiming sexism unless it actually is sexist

The problem this has highlighted is that people who have a preference can be branded sexist. This leads to issues for the future:

It will be more difficult for good females to get into commentating now. Having a bad commentator for the first female commentator will have turned a lot of sports fans off from "female" commentators. Even though there could be a female commentator out there who is better then all the men. When people have the choice in the future they will go to the male commentators. As they have been led to believe all females will be bad. This will cost companies money as they will lose viewers. Ultimately meaning they do not hire female commentators. Having the complete opposite effect this display was meant to have.

If you want equality, you need to make sure the equality of opportunity is there. Not force the equality of outcome!