Why I started this blog!

Posted in Blog, Musings on 11th May 2018

So apart from my dislike for bookies, why the hell am I sharing my secrets with you lot.

Does seem a bit daft and short sighted of me to do this, I'm putting myself directly in the bookies sites. The only thing they hate more than people taking value from them, is someone teaching other people how to do it.

I know they're trying to figure out who I am and how they can find my accounts to gub them. I quite like the thought of someone wasting massive amounts of time scraping this site to find my identity. However it's well hidden, I'm sure they cant find me. Although if they do, it will only give me more reason to share more. Help everyone with the hidden secrets I've found that day, the little secrets that can help you make £2000 a month rather than £300.

Still why I am I sharing these secrets?

Because I'm not scared, I'm not worried that you will take money out of my pocket. I believe there is enough to go round. As soon as one loophole closes another one opens. As soon as one offer goes down, 3 more pop up to replace them. Bookies are constantly targeting people to remove as much from their pockets as possible. They don't feel bad so why I should I feel bad removing money from theres. Maybe their CEO wont be able to take a million pound bonus this year. Do I care? No!

I want more money and I want you have more too!

I'm selfish. I love traveling. I love not having to worry about a boss. I love working whilst sat on the beach, paying 20,000 Vietnamese Dong for a beer (that's about 60p). I want to share the freedom. I want you to be able to do it as well! Join me on this journey of financial freedom.