Oddsmonkey review

Before I start my review, I’d like to say I am going to try my best to be as objective as possible. But please be aware I have made a hell of a lot of money since signing up for Oddsmonkey which is obviously going to influence how I think of it.

What is Oddsmonkey?

Well other than just a website where everyone tells you how much they have made by being a member of Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey is the biggest resource for matched betting in the UK. (If you don’t know what Match Betting is read my getting started guide.)

Included within their membership is 100 plus guides to take you from complete beginner to an advanced matched better. This will get you fully up and running to make a full time, or at least a second, income online.

On top of these guides they also have an array of tools to help you make money online. The first tool you will encounter is their Oddsmatcher which is a tool that scrapes betting sites to find the closest back and lay odds from all the bookies in the UK. It also now allows you to lay these bets, through Smarkets, with the click of a button. I personally believe the Oddsmatcher is worth the membership on its own; if you value your time, which you should, it will save you so much time cost it is unreal.

What other tools does Oddsmonkey have?

If I didn’t sing the praises of the Oddsmatcher enough, then let me just say again, it is worth signing up just for the Oddsmatcher!

Now with that out the way, there are a range of tools available, some of which I use daily. My next most commonly used tool is the “Acca Finder”. Acca is short for Accumulator, which is a common type bet placed on multiple results to come in.

The Acca finder will find close matches and work out the estimated value of each one, showing you if it is worthwhile placing a bet on these. I place “No Lay Acca’s”, which is set up to find however it is recommended that beginners choose “Lay Sequential Lock in Acca’s” to guarantee a profit at the beginning (don’t worry if you have no idea what these mean as there are guides to walk you through each method)


Here’s a screenshot of the Acca finder in action, by following this you are guaranteed a minimum profit of £5.09

Are there any Disadvantages of the Acca Finder?

At the start I did say I would be objective. Although good, the Acca matcher does have a slight flaw in that it will always pick the best odds to maximise profit.

“How is maximising profit a bad thing?”, I hear you ask.

Well the problem comes from the fact we need to fly under the radar of the bookies. Therefore we don’t want to let on that we are matched betting and taking profit away from them. If the Acca Finder has come up with a random Russian team, that most of us will never have heard of, this can look very suspicion on the account and make the bookie investigate your account..

However, there is a solution! The Acca matcher will allow you to replace part of it’s selection with different teams. Therefore as long as you are willing to cut down on some of that maximum profit, you can ensure a consistent profit. Whilst also keeping your account safe.

My next favourite Oddsmonkey tool:

Has to be the Each-way Matcher!  (Do not worry if you have no idea what an Each-way Bet is. There is a full video guide in the Oddsmonkey’s members area to get you started. Just be aware that doing them can earn you well over £300 a month, and I do mean well over!)

So apart from the extra money in my pocket, why do I love this tool so much? Well because it makes removing that money from the bookies and into my pocket so easy. This screenshot is just a random quick look I’ve just had whilst writing this article.

£10.09 at the top, plus £9.79 if you are prepared to take this risk and £2.34. This is all guaranteed profit. That top one there is showing £10 profit, for what will take me about 5 minutes work. One of them per day is £300 extra in your pocket per month, for only 5 minutes work a day! You can also set it to auto refresh every 30 seconds and to send you an alert when it finds a certain amount of profit (which you set). I literally open my laptop on a morning and leave it to notify me when I can make money. Other than placing the bets it is pretty much an automated money-making system!

Anything else Oddsmonkey does?

Well yes, everyday they post all the daily offers available. You can therefore open your laptop, log into the forum and start making money. Whilst also following a long with what everyone else is doing that day. It is pretty motivating especially when someone posts a big profit.

So what do I not like about Oddsmonkey?

Being objective again, the racing matcher is probably my least favourite tool. This isn’t really a dig at the tool itself, it does the job it is set up for however horse racing odds change so quickly near the start of a race if you aren’t watching the bookie and the exchange yourself you will pretty much miss the best prices.

That is pretty much the only bad thing I have to say, which kind of tells it’s own story of how good Oddsmonkey is.

With that all said, of course I would highly recommend Oddsmonkey to everyone, beginner or professional.

Therefore if you haven’t already signed up, get your free account today…


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